Video distribution services for paid members. You can learn techniques by real elite Fighters.

Q. How long is the free trial period?

It is from the date of subscription until the end of the joining month.Example: If you join August 10, 2017, you can use the service free of charge until August 31, 2017. (※Note: The date is Japan Standard Time.)

Q. What happens after the free trial period?

After the free trial period, you can continue using the service automatically. At that time, a fee of 980 yen per month will be generated. Monthly usage fee will not be charged to you if you cancel it during the free trial period.

Q. Temporary registration email did not arrive.

Generally, the following causes are considered:

  • The email address you entered is incorrect
  • The email is in your spam folder
  • The email cannot be received due to domain designated reception or addressed reception setting

In case of the latter, please change your settings to allow reception from 'martialarts-onlineclass.com'.

※ If you are unsure of the setting method, please check your computer's instruction manual or consult directly with the mobile phone company or service provider.

Q. I forgot my password.

Please re-issue your password by the following procedure:

  • At the login screen, Click the "Forgot password? Click here" link to go to the password reset screen.
  • Enter the registered mail address from the password reset screen.
  • Press the "reset password" button to send the password reset e-mail.

After the operation, a password reset email will be sent to the registered email address, so please reset the password from the link in the email.

Q. I want to change the member information

Please change the member information by the following procedure:

  • From My Menu click on the "Change member information" link, which will take you to the member information change screen.
  • From the member information change screen please update your information.

Q. On what day is my account charged for the membership fee?

Your account will be charged on the first of each month. (Except for the free trial period)

※ Note: The date is assumed to be Japan Standard Time, and in accordance with the standards when using from outside Japan.

Q. Why is the deducted membership fee not a fixed amount?

The membership fee for this service is based on the Japanese Yen. Depending on the credit card you use and the area of your residence you may be affected by the exchange rate.

Q. I cannot see the videos/ it's hard to watch.

The videos may be difficult to watch when the server is crowded. Please take a moment and try again.

Q. I want to withdraw from membership.

Please follow the withdrawal procedure located in the "Subscribe procedure" link, accessed from the Main Menu.

Q. I want to communicate improvement requests

Please contact the following e-mail address.


※ Note: We will use your opinions and requests for improving the service. Please understand beforehand that this service does not promise reply or contents.